Teach you how to properly maintain a golf cart

Teach you how to properly maintain a golf cart


The cost of a golf cart is on par with the cost of a small electric vehicle. Daily maintenance and upkeep of golf carts can not only extend the service life of the vehicle, but also ensure its maximum performance.





Vehicle cleaning


Cleaning the entire golf cart can not only make the body more beautiful and clean, but also make the driver and passenger feel more happy. However, when cleaning the entire car, it is necessary to pay attention to:


1) To avoid damage and destruction of the outer cover, it is advisable to avoid using high-pressure machines for flushing as much as possible.


2) To reduce surface paint damage, do not use rough or reactive solvents to wash plastic parts.


3) Thoroughly clean the accumulated sediment in the enclosed area, and try to avoid direct flushing of exposed electrical components during cleaning.



Brake system maintenance


The braking system is related to driving safety, and if there is a problem with the braking system, the consequences can be unimaginable. So in daily maintenance, for brake maintenance, it is not only necessary to follow the time required in the maintenance manual, but also to regularly maintain according to the driving mileage.


1) Check the vehicle's brake sensitivity every day and make timely adjustments.


2) Regularly check the condition of the brake pads and clean the powder inside the brake hub in a timely manner. If it is found that the thickness of the brake hub is less than 2-3 millimeters and the brake pads are severely worn, the brake hub and pads should be replaced with new ones in a timely manner.


3) During the normal cleaning process of the vehicle, it is advisable to avoid directly flushing the brake hub to prevent rust from oxidation inside the brake and on the surface of the brake hub. If rust is found on the surface, it can be removed with sandpaper.


4) Regularly check the condition of the brake line and clean the surface rust in a timely manner.


5) Regularly check the height of brake oil, check whether the brake oil pipe leaks oil every day, replenish brake oil in a timely manner, and replace damaged brake oil pipes.


6) When installing the oil pipe, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightening torque of the joint, and then perform the air bleeding operation while ensuring good sealing, otherwise the air bleeding quality cannot be achieved.



Maintenance of front suspension structure


The golf cart suspension is a connecting mechanism between the vehicle and the body, which is a part of the vehicle's driving system and consists of elastic components, guiding mechanisms, shock absorption components, and lateral stabilizer bars. Suspension can alleviate the impact of the road surface on the wheels, determine the position of the wheels and axles, and improve the grip of the wheels on the road surface. Therefore, regular maintenance and upkeep are very helpful for the riding comfort and handling stability of golf carts. How to maintain it specifically? There are the following points:


1) Regularly check the wear status of the rubber sleeve connecting the front suspension guide rocker arm to the horn and shock absorber. If the wear is severe, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise it may cause steering clearance and abnormal noise.


2) Regularly check the lubricating oil condition of the steering gear and sheep horn. If there is a lack of lubrication, add lubricating oil in a timely manner to ensure its normal operation and avoid severe wear and mechanical failure of the steering gear due to a lack of lubrication.


3) Regularly check the connection status of each component, timely reinforce loose components, and eliminate safety hazards.



Rear axle maintenance


During the use of a golf cart, the rear axle housing may often be contaminated with soil, dust, and oil from the screw plugs. Timely maintenance is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the rear axle.


1) Regularly remove soil and dust from the rear axle housing vent plug.


2) Regularly check the plug of the oil filling hole and the plug of the oil drain hole. If any oil leakage is found, it should be tightened in a timely manner or the sealing gasket should be replaced.


3) Fill the grease fittings with 2 # lithium based grease every 2000km and clean the ventilation plug; Check the fastening of the half shaft bolts and the height of the gear oil level inside the axle housing (open the oil level bolts for inspection).


Tire maintenance


The tire is the only component of a golf cart that comes into direct contact with the ground, and together with the electric suspension, it mitigates the impact on the vehicle during driving. In hot summers and freezing winters, golf cars have high requirements for tire quality and maintenance when driving outdoors. The better the maintenance, the longer the service life.


1) Before use, please check the condition of the vehicle's tires for air leakage, severe wear, or damage. If any of the above situations occur, please adjust the front toe or update the tires immediately, otherwise it may damage the tire life or cause accidents that endanger personal safety such as tire explosions.


2) Tire pressure: 4-layer tires should be within the range of 17-22 PSI (1.17-1.52 bar); The 6-layer tire pressure should be within the range of 29-34PSI (2.0-2.35bar). If the weather is hot, the tire pressure should be correspondingly reduced to prevent tire explosions in an overheated environment.




Battery maintenance


Battery decay has always been a problem that electric golf carts need to face, and the cost of batteries accounts for a large proportion of the entire vehicle price. Effective maintenance can slow down the battery life. If the battery is replaced, some battery modules that need to be replaced can be replaced. How to maintain it specifically?




1) Be sure to use the standard car charger for charging. Charging a vehicle with a charger that exceeds the standard power may damage battery performance and accelerate battery decay.


2) Do not overcharge or overdischarge. The battery is also the same. Generally, charging a golf cart to 50% -90% is the best for the battery (lithium iron phosphate battery has no effect when fully charged).


3) If parked for a long time, try to keep the battery level above 50%. Golf carts are generally idle and consume a small amount of electricity every day. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the battery to avoid completely depleting the battery and damaging its performance. If possible, try to maintain a battery level of over 50%.


4) Park in an environment with appropriate temperature. No battery is suitable for long-term storage in extremely high or low temperature environments. Most car manufacturers define it as' cannot be stored for a long time in environments above 60 ℃ or -30 ℃ ', and long-term storage is defined as 8 hours or more. Mild cases can damage battery performance, while severe cases may cause spontaneous combustion.


5) Check the condition of the battery pole and battery wire, and promptly clean and replace the faulty battery and battery wire.




Maintenance of electronic control components


As is well known, the controller is like the brain of an electric car, controlling the start, stop, forward and backward, speed, and other functions of a golf cart.


1) Regularly check the fastening of all electrical components to avoid false connections.


2) Regularly carry out anti-corrosion maintenance on each connector, and clean the impurities and oxides inside the connector.




Motor usage and maintenance


As a core component of a golf cart, the motor's normal operation will directly affect the normal use of the entire vehicle. Regular maintenance is the most effective method.




1) After six months of use of the golf cart, we need to add lubrication lines to the bearings and gears inside the motor to improve its running speed and reduce the noise caused by the motor's operation.


2) At the same time, we also need to inspect the brushes. If they are severely worn, we must replace them.


3) It is also necessary to clean the carbon powder inside the brush motor, clean the surface of electrical appliances, magnetic steel, etc.


4) Due to its special construction and material selection, brushless motors do not require regular maintenance. Basically, after 12 to 24 months of use, the bearing gears are lubricated, the magnetic steel is cleaned, and attention is paid to preventing water from entering the motor.




5) Check the motor magnetic steel for rust, perform rust removal treatment on the magnetic steel, and check the wear level of the golf cart brush and commutator. When the electric brush is worn to a distance of 4-5mm from the lead wire, it should be replaced, and when the surface depth of the commutator is greater than 0.5mm, it should be replaced.




Golf Cart Cover


The golf cart should not be exposed to sunlight to avoid excessive temperature, which increases the water loss of the battery and accelerates the softening of the electrode plate. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight when not in use. And the golf car cover is a good choice, providing superior protection for your golf car in different weather conditions, suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments, protecting your car from wind, rain, sunlight, and other harsh weather or dust, and extending the service life of the golf car.

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