What if the car's windows freeze in winter and the car freezes?

For drivers, snowy weather


The biggest distress is the car parked outdoors


Before driving, remove the snow from the car windows


Some people are simple and rough, directly using hot water to pour can cause the temperature difference to be too large, causing the glass to burst. At the same time, the wiper rubber and car paint can also be damaged.


Some people use wipers to remove snow, which is also a mistake. Forcible use will only burn out the wiper motor, even if it cannot be moved, and the ice residue on the glass will scratch the surface of the glass


In order to prevent the glass from freezing, the car owner deployed the "newspaper", but it was too thin to withstand the twists and turns. If not noticed, it would still accumulate snow and even shatter the newspaper


In order to avoid the damage caused to vehicles by these extreme weather conditions, today we will introduce a magical tool for keeping warm in winter and preventing sun damage in summer - the car windshield cover.


It is very convenient, just put it on when parking, and it won't take much time to take it off when driving. And the windshield cover is very small and easy to fold and store.


The windshield cover can prevent snow, freezing, and freezing in winter, prevent vehicles from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation in summer, and also prevent sand and dust in spring and autumn. During the day, 

if you go out and park your car in the open air, you don't have to worry about getting the windshield dirty with leaves, bird droppings, sand, etc. You don't need to spend extra time cleaning it up. 

It can be said that it kills two birds with one stone. Firstly, it protects the vehicle and secondly, it saves a lot of time.


Car windshield covers are divided into two types: half cover and full cover:


The windshield is half covered and only covers the front windshield, making it easy to install and remove. Suitable for short periods of use when going out, especially on snowy days, 

for easy cleaning of snow and avoiding restricted visibility.


The windshield is fully covered, which covers all the glass windows on all sides and is suitable for long-term parking. Especially in the summer when the ultraviolet rays are too strong, 

it can reduce the direct exposure of ultraviolet rays and reduce damage to the interior of the car.


Generally speaking, glass car covers are made of multiple layers of material. The exterior is mostly made of PVC waterproof fabric or PEVA aluminum foil. 

This material can be waterproof, windproof, reflect sunlight, and reduce UV damage. Planting a thickened layer such as cotton wool or composite cotton inside can play a role in preventing coldness and thickening. 

Use inner lining fabric at the innermost layer to prevent the hood from sticking to the vehicle at high temperatures or freezing to the vehicle at low temperatures, reducing the degree of wear and tear on the vehicle.


Made of composite materials and thickened to prevent glass freezing caused by rain and snow, it can also effectively protect wipers and glass from freezing. The thickness of traditional snow barriers is only 0.4cm, 

and this snow barrier is made of thickened materials with visible quality. In addition, high-density composite materials have wear-resistant and scratch resistant properties, with a longer service life. 

Normally, using it for three years is not a problem


Moreover, the design principle of the three piece integrated design ensures that in winter, when encountering rain and snow, it does not leak water and prevents icing


The surface is made of PEVA aluminum foil and TPU material. Even in winter or rainy days, with a strong flick, the surface water droplets can be easily removed without worrying about getting dirty in the trunk due to moisture


In summer, the temperature inside the car is like a steamer. After being exposed to high temperatures, the seats and dashboard are prone to aging and even increase the volatilization of harmful gases


Our car hood is an excellent thermal insulation material when used in summer, which can act as a sunshade for the front windshield, providing sun protection and insulation. Even in the scorching sun, 

there is no need to worry about the hot weather inside the car



In this snowy winter, it protects the wipers and glass on the rear cover of the parking lot. It can be lifted and left easily, saving time and effort, and no longer having to go through the heavy snow to remove ice


Of course, besides being waterproof, antifreeze, and insulated, it can also serve as a picnic mat! When you drive a picnic, you no longer need to bring extra cushions. It's not too convenient, it's versatile


Not only does it prevent snow and freezing in winter, but it can also be used for shading and insulation in summer, all year round!

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