How to choose a car clothing cover?

How to choose a car clothing cover?

1. Dedicated for special vehicles

At present, the car clothing covers of major brands are customized for different models. Do not buy a universal size car clothing cover. Covering the car too loosely or too small is not good, 

and the fit is not good. It is easy for wind and rain to enter, and the car clothing cover is easily blown away.

2. Choose flame-retardant materials

If the car is parked outdoors, it is inevitable that smokers may throw their cigarette butts or children may play with fireworks. The car is most afraid of fire, and choosing flame-retardant material 

for the car's clothing cover can reduce the occurrence of a fire.

3. Waterproof material

Waterproofing of car clothing covers is crucial because it can rain at any time in summer. If the waterproof effect of car clothing covers is not good, a large amount of water will often seep in. 

In heavily polluted areas, rainwater is corrosive.

4. The color should be eye-catching

Try to choose eye-catching colors such as blue, silver, and camouflage, especially with clear markings on the front, rear, and rearview mirrors.

5. The workmanship should be meticulous

The lack of meticulous workmanship directly affects the waterproof performance of the car clothing cover. The stitching is not too tight, the gaps are large, and it is prone to water seepage.

 If purchasing from a physical store, it is important to check whether the workmanship is meticulous and the wiring is tight. If placing an order online, it is also necessary to carefully inspect the 

goods upon arrival and promptly return or exchange the goods if any problems are found.

6. Thermal insulation performance

In summer, the temperature is high and the infrared and ultraviolet rays are strong. It is best for car clothing to block most of the ultraviolet and infrared rays, so that the temperature inside the

 car is not too high. There should also be heat dissipation holes on the car clothing for heat dissipation.

What material is good for car clothing covers?

  1. 1. Single coating material: This car coat has good dust and sun protection effects, but it is not rain or scratch resistant and can only be used on one side. Moreover, single coated car clothing only

  2. has silver color, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. Single coated car clothing is lighter, usually around 1 kilogram. The service life is around 2 years

2. Nano positive combustion material: This material is made of 560w nano fabric and sewn with precision technology. According to the company's executive standards, it undergoes three steps 

of shrinkage, re waterproof and breathable film, two layers of silver to prevent ultraviolet radiation, two dry friction treatments, and three wet friction treatments. The 90 level water splashing test results 

in a static water pressure of 800m/m-1000m/m, a flame retardant 0 (S)>90mm, and nine processes such as adding anti fouling and anti oil agents. The weight of the car clothing is generally around 2kg, 

with a service life of 4-5 years.

3. Oxford cloth flame retardant material: This is a double-sided car cover with a silver surface on one side and a custom color surface for dust, rain, and scratch prevention. The silver surface is mainly used for 

sun protection, as it has strong UV absorption ability and good sun protection and thermal insulation effect. The other side can be customized in color to meet the color preferences of car owners, 

and can also have a certain degree of decoration for the vehicle.

4. PEVA material car clothing: It is a mixture of PE and EVA materials, with good softness and a little elasticity. PEVA material car clothing has the advantages of high performance, such as non-toxic, good elasticity,

 light weight, warmth and breathability, wind resistance, water resistance, and grease resistance.

5. PU material car clothing: This material has extremely excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance. But the price of this material is expensive, so domestic manufacturers

 will choose to use PEVA material instead.

6. PVC material: This material has good dustproof and rainproof effects on car clothing, but it is not sun proof or scratch resistant. Moreover, PVC material car clothing is relatively heavy, usually around 

3-4 kilograms. The service life is about 2 years.

7. Breathable material car clothing: This material of car clothing is quite popular in Europe and America, with comprehensive functions, long service life, and no signs of aging. It has the characteristics of breathability, water resistance, dust prevention, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and antibacterial properties.

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