Is wearing a car cover too protective for the car?

Is wearing a car cover too protective for the car?


Cars have entered the daily lives of many people and become an indispensable companion. Taking care of cars has become a part of people's lives, and many friends choose to put covers on our cars. 

We also see people putting covers on their cars on the roadside or in parking spaces in residential areas. Is this really necessary? Below, I will analyze this situation with everyone.


First of all, I understand that we need to understand what a car cover is. A car cover is actually the outer cover of a car, which is usually made of cloth or other materials according to the size of the car. 

The outer cover is a type of car protective equipment, which can provide good protection for our car paint and glass.


And for cars that have been parked for a long time, if we put car clothes on them, it can effectively prevent bird droppings or rainwater from falling on our car, and it can also avoid scratches when necessary. 

However, there is another problem, which is that the interior of the car clothes is usually woven.


If we cover the car without washing it, the fine dust that covers the car will directly cover the surface of the car like sandpaper under the action of the wind. When we drive under strong light, it is particularly easy to see.


In addition, due to the lack of air circulation inside, when we use the car again, we will feel that the air inside the car is like a steamer, especially in summer. This feeling is particularly strong 

because the temperature outside usually reaches over 30 degrees Celsius. If we put on the car hood again and sit inside the car, we will immediately sweat.


Another point is that it is quite troublesome to use because the area of the hood is relatively large, making it inconvenient for one person to use it. It is impossible to put the hood on when the car has just stopped,

 because the engine has just stopped working and the temperature is still relatively high. If we put the hood on, it will put the engine in a high temperature state.


From the above, we already know that when using a hood, it is best to completely calm down the car and wash it again. When choosing a hood, we also need to find the size that suits our car, so that it can have a noticeable effect. 

In addition, when the hood is dirty, we must clean it thoroughly, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


And the scenario for using it, I think, is when you park your car in the underground garage for a long time, because when we put it on, it can prevent the car from accumulating dust, providing a protective effect. In addition, in snowy areas,

 it can also help us not worry about the car freezing.


Also, if you want to leave your car for a period of time, it can still be used, otherwise the next time you use it, you will find that there is already a layer of dust on the car.


At present, the materials of car covers in the car market are actually uneven. I think we should choose some that are effective for ourselves, and not be tempted by small gains. When using them, we should also pay attention to the situation, 

so that the car cover can play its role, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. So, everyone knows how to use car covers, right?

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