How much do you know about off-road sports?

The concept of ATV

The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle, also known as "All Terrain Four Wheel Off road Motorcycle", which stands for "Transportation Suitable for All Terrain". 

The vehicle is simple and practical, with good off-road performance. Its appearance is generally headless, and it can walk freely on terrains that are difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver.

In China, it is commonly referred to as a "beach car", but in fact, this is a wrong term. The reason why everyone made this slip of the tongue is mostly because the management projects of 

tourist attractions misled everyone - yes, in the seaside, grassland, or desert, you can see some similar but much smaller products. If classified strictly, they are also ATVs, 

but counterfeit goods cannot achieve "all terrain".

In fact, ATVs with good quality and excellent performance can not only drive on beaches, but also easily conquer riverbed, forest roads, streams, and even more harsh deserts. 

The transportation of personnel or items enables ATV to fully utilize its functions, making it a versatile tool for action. So, please don't call it a "beach bike" anymore. 

It is an excellent means of transportation and one of the great inventions of humanity. Although most people's understanding of it is limited to off-road toys, 

they can play an irreplaceable role in exploration,scientific research, and military missions!

Main brands of ATV

Honda - Japan

In 1970, the world's first ATV was invented by Honda, codenamed US90, and was mainly sold to the North American market. From the wide low tire pressure tires, 

it can be seen that this product mainly faces the ice,

 snow, swamps, and desert roads in North America.

Suzuki Suzuki - Japan

In the automotive industry, Japanese companies that came from behind fully opposed Christianity in the 1970s. Shortly after Americans enjoyed the three wheeled ATV brought by Japan,

 Suzuki launched its first four wheeled ATV. 

It was equipped with rich features such as odometer and reverse gear, leading the trend at that time.

Yamaha - Japan

In terms of power sports products, Yamaha is definitely a strong player, and it is also one of the earliest ATV manufacturers. Until today, they are still industry leaders.

POLARIS, founded in 1940, is one of the world's largest mountain bike manufacturers, with a significant portion of its products serving the US military - a testament to its quality and strength.

Arctic cat - USA

North Star's sister company has emerged in various competitions in the past two years.

CAN-AM Bombardier - Canada

Bombardier's can am series is known as the Rolls Royce of ATVs. This brand, with its luxury, comfort, safety, and technological civilization, has become a common choice for high-end players. 

Of course, its price is not cheap.

CFMOTO Spring Breeze - China

Chunfeng is definitely an independent brand that makes Chinese people proud. Its ATV flagship products have been exported to various countries in Europe and America. 

Its quality and performance are not inferior to other first tier brands, and its cost-effectiveness is extremely affordable, making it a choice for many domestic players.

The difference between ATV and UTV


The first difference is the cab. ATV has an open cab without a canopy, while UTV has a semi enclosed cab with an open body at the rear.


The second difference is the steering wheel. UTV's steering wheel is the same as that of a regular motor vehicle, while ATV's steering wheel is similar to a motorcycle's faucet steering.


The third difference is the roll cage. UTV comes with a roll cage when it leaves the factory, while ATV does not, so relatively speaking, UTV has a higher safety factor than ATV.

4C is an ATV UTV hood manufacturer with abundant raw material sources and development, excellent design, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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