What are the tips for choosing sofa covers?

Sofa is the most commonly used in our home life, whether it's the visit of family and friends, or chatting and chasing dramas, we all sit or lie on the sofa. 

So, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the sofa, I believe many people will put on a piece of clothing - a sofa cover - to isolate dust, snacks, oil stains, 

and so on. However, the selection of sofa covers is often a headache and requires comprehensive consideration based on decoration style, space size, 

and other aspects. So, if you want to buy a suitable and favorite sofa cover, come and take a look at the shopping guide provided by 4C!

When choosing a sofa cover, it is important to consider matching the color of the sofa cover with the overall style of the living room. Generally speaking, 

the sofa is the center of the entire room, so the color of the sofa cover and sofa should be suitable, and it is best to match the surrounding environment. 

Moreover, when choosing colors and decors, it is best to match the original fabric of the sofa. The style of the sofa cover should be matched with the sofa, 

such as the sofa being decorated with a shawl, which can be made of fabrics such as knitted, drawn-out, mesh buckle, and cross stitch. If your walls are in light colors, 

or if the living room space is large, you can choose bright and fresh colored large flowers or large square patterns; If the walls of your home are already dark in color

 or the indoor space is limited, it is recommended to choose a light colored sofa cover, as the home space is more elegant.

When purchasing, it is important to check whether there are color differences or wrinkles on the surface of the sofa cover, and whether the pattern of the sofa cover is 

clear and evenly colored. After reading it, you can touch the sofa cover with your hand to feel if its texture is good and if the thickness of the sofa cover is consistent. 

In addition, you can also smell it. If the sofa cover has a strange odor, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high. 

Be cautious when choosing. If the boss allows, you can also cut a small sample of the sofa cover and wipe the cushion cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any 

discoloration. This can avoid discoloration of the sofa cover during cleaning and affect the overall aesthetics.

Don't ignore the color and style of the sofa cover

The color of the sofa cover should be soft, usually light pink, light blue, or light yellow, clean and easy to clean. The fabric used should preferably be soft, moisture absorbing, 

and non irritating. This sofa cover has an elegant and warm appearance, is clean and convenient, is easy to clean, and conforms to the basic principles of decoration and layout. 

The clever use of fabric allows guests to feel the care and consideration of the host while enjoying comfortable rest.

Of course, if you find these purchasing techniques too complicated, you can also choose to come to 4C, focusing on various types of fabric dust covers for several years, 

with guaranteed quality, and will definitely not disappoint your choice!

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