Essential Knowledge Points for New Campers: How to Choose Tents?

When the gentle wind blows against the grass, the warm sunlight shines on the spacious lawn, the canopy tent flutters gently in the gentle wind, and a group of friends 

who are laughing and laughing sit together, enjoying the tranquility and beauty brought by nature. This is the popular camping life nowadays, a way to get close to nature.

Make an appointment with three or five friends, set foot in the mountains or forests, set up your own tent, and be in the embrace of nature, far away from the hustle and pressure of the city. 

Here, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the wonderful sunrise and sunset, experience the mystery and grandeur of the forest, and enhance interaction with family or friends. Together, 

you can experience the warm time of setting up tents, cooking food, and chatting.

However, enjoying a great camping experience is not an easy task. Camping outdoors is often located in remote areas without any facilities or services, so tents are essential 

when going camping outdoors.

There are various types of tents nowadays. Before starting an outdoor adventure, you need to choose a suitable tent, which not only greatly improves the quality of the journey, but also ensures

 the long-lasting use of the tent. The following is a detailed introduction to the types of tents.

Summer tents

Also known as a two season tent, it is a basic version of the tent, although it is more comfortable for one person to live in, it can also accommodate two people. This type of tent weighs between 

1.8kg and 3.6kg, lightweight and convenient, with strong breathability, making you feel cool and comfortable on hot nights. A cozy tent can give you a sweet dream. Choosing a tent with strong 

air circulation is important, otherwise you will wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely.

Three season tent

This type of tent is suitable for spring, summer, and autumn, weighing between 23kg and 45kg. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for overnight travel. This type of tent can 

effectively resist light snow and rain weather, and is generally equipped with a detachable rain cover, which is not easy to accumulate water and has good insulation effect. It is usually equipped 

with mesh windows, which is conducive to air circulation.

Four Seasons Tent

It has the best breathability and can provide a high-quality accommodation experience even when traveling in summer and winter. This type of tent tent pole is wear-resistant and stable, with a 

solid and thick material, which can effectively resist rain and snow weather and stand tall in strong winds. Although it is heavy in weight, it has a small folding size and is easy to carry when traveling with a backpack.

Family Tent

Family tents are designed specifically for camping for 5 or more people. This type of tent has a large volume, spacious space, and can accommodate multiple people and equipment. Adults of average

 height can stand freely in the tent. Some family tents provide partitions, forming relatively independent multiple free spaces. Because these types of tents are too large and heavy, backpacking is not recommended for travel.


Tent material

Through the above details, you have gained an understanding of the various types of tents. Now, let's introduce the materials used to make tents, which are generally divided into two categories.

·Nylon material: Tents made of this type of material have lightweight characteristics and are designed specifically for backpacking travel.

·Polyester material: Tents made of this type of material can effectively block the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and are not easily degraded, making them suitable for long-term camping use.

Tent Style

Just as tents come in different materials and types, they also come in many styles. Below are three styles of tents for you to choose from.

·Dome shaped tent: designed specifically for windy weather.

·Boat shaped tent: The internal space is spacious and can accommodate multiple people to move freely.

·Hexagonal tent: Featuring lightweight and small size, it is the preferred choice for hikers.


You need to remember the number of people camping, and the tent used should indicate the number of people it can accommodate. If you carry too much equipment, count one person more

 to ensure spacious activity space. In addition, it is recommended to practice how to build a tent several times before camping to ensure that the tent is intact and undamaged during use.

Master camping knowledge, bring camping equipment, and embark on an outdoor adventure with your team members. 

Wishing you a pleasant journey!

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