The maintenance of yachts is so important!

Having a boat is a great investment and lifestyle. Many happy occasions can be spent with the same people, and a boat is a place to celebrate special moments with

 family and loved ones. Without a doubt, having a boat is just an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. However, it must be properly maintained and requires a significant

 amount of money and time.




Learning the basic knowledge of yacht maintenance is a very effective way to maintain a yacht. It can not only reduce expensive maintenance costs, but also extend the

 service life of yachts. More importantly, maintaining a yacht well can effectively ensure its safety. Yachts should be wiped with a soft cloth every morning to remove moisture

 left by morning mist, paying special attention to windows, stainless steel, finished parts, and outdoor seat cushions. To ensure her good cruising condition, spend more time 

maintaining your favorite yacht. Sometimes complex tasks are required to clean the hull and waterline hull, usually once a week, depending on the water quality of the sea area

 where the yacht is sailing.




Regular cleaning and care of yachts is a simple and important method for yacht maintenance. Daily cleaning not only keeps the yacht clean and beautiful, but also reduces 

long-term wear and marks on the surface of the yacht. Above the waterline, waxing can be used to maintain yachts, while below the waterline, anti fouling paint is required.




When checking the maintenance of a yacht, many details are difficult to remember. Here is a tip for everyone: list all the projects that need to be maintained. When maintaining

 the yacht, it is easy to maintain the machine according to the checklist without missing any maintenance items.




  1.         1.The following methods are effective for engine maintenance, whether it is an inboard or an outboard engine. Every time you go out, be sure to flush the engine and check if

  2.                           there is anything stuck in the rusted, damaged, or corroded fuel pipeline in the fuel tank. Check the oil level and finally check if the engine's cooling instruments are working properly.




2. Buying a boat cover can help you keep it clean, and all kinds of water and dust will not damage your yacht components. At the same time, the ship cover can also solve problems

 such as hose breakage, carpet fading, and decorative fabric discoloration.




3. Special marine cleaning fluids can be used to clean the hull, but attention should be paid to the product manual when using them, as some cleaning fluids may affect the coating

     on the bottom of the ship and prevent marine organisms from adhering. The side window glass of yachts can use special glass maintenance products such as RAIN-X, which have 

cleaning and waterproof effects and can penetrate into the glass pores to form a surface protective film, providing a clear view.




4. The engine must undergo regular water and oil testing and replacement. If you don't replace it regularly, you will find that after turning on the engine, many of them are as thick 

and greasy as asphalt. Greatness is caused by frequent failure to change the oil, resulting in deterioration and oxidation of the oil, or insufficient quality of the oil.




5. Waxing yacht furniture. Wax polish can protect furniture paint films from moisture, scratches, and burns. Proper use of wax polish can make yacht furniture brighter. Before using 

        wax polish, check if the surface of the paint film is intact. For newer wooden furniture, first wipe off the surface dust with a soft cotton cloth. Apply a small piece of cotton cloth with

 an appropriate amount of wax polish, and then wipe the wax evenly with a larger dry cloth without leaving any wax marks as the standard.




In addition, it should be noted that when cleaning yachts, it is best not to pollute the water area, and one's love for boat cleanliness is also based on not damaging the cleanliness

 of the sea area. As long as routine maintenance and upkeep procedures are followed, a ship can even maintain a peak lifespan of over ten years.



Installing a ship cover is a very valuable purchase. The main purpose of the ship cover is to protect it from the effects of birds, dust, extreme weather, and dirt accumulation. 

When a ship is not covered, it begins to deteriorate, and wear and tear are caused by nature, such as storms, ice sheets, and wind and rain. Compared to uncovered ships, covered

 ships are always beneficial, in short, their lifespan has increased by 50 years

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