These five experience points make you no longer hesitate when choosing a car hood!

These five experience points make you no longer hesitate when choosing a car hood!


The car hood is another outer garment of a car, as well as a protective cover. The car hood is also a practical item that we must come into contact with.




When we choose a car cover, we are often confused. Isn't the car cover just a regular cover, as long as it can cover the car.




If you buy a car cover with this mindset, it would be too careless.




There is also a lot of knowledge about choosing a car hood.




After all, the car hood is meant to protect your beloved car, so don't be too careless.


What abilities do car cover materials need to possess?


When choosing a car cover, we must look at what material the cover is made of.




The material composition of the car cover is crucial, it should be flame retardant, waterproof, soft, and heat-insulating.




Finally, it also depends on the size.



1、 Thermal insulation and sun protection




When the car is exposed to direct sunlight, it will accelerate the aging and fading of the car's paint surface.




Exposure to sunlight can also cause damage to some components inside the car. Prolonged exposure to sunlight on car seats can also cause irreparable damage to the leather of the seats.




If you park for a long time without the protection of the car hood insulation, the temperature inside the car will be very high, and it will be very stuffy and hot for people to sit on.




The car cover can prevent exposure to sunlight, and it must have good thermal insulation performance.


2、 To be flame retardant and fire-resistant


Flame retardant means it is not easy to ignite, can isolate the source of fire, and is not easy to burn.




If fireworks are set off and some flames splash onto the hood, the flame-retardant hood can prevent combustion and effectively protect the car from open flames.




The materials used in car covers generally have a flame retardant effect, which needs to be carefully examined.



3、 The size should be appropriate




The size of the car cover also needs to be noted, it cannot be too large or too small.




If the wind is too strong, the car hood will swing significantly, hitting the car and damaging the body.




If it is too small, it will not cover the entire body of the car, and a part of the body will be exposed, which will not be protected by the car cover.




It's best to choose according to the size of the car model, as the idiom goes, it's tailored to your needs.




We need to tailor the car body so that it fits well and better protects the entire body.


4、 Good waterproof and sealing properties


The car cover is a good sealing cover, and waterproof performance is also an essential skill for car covers.




The car cover can protect the car from being washed by rainwater for a long time, maintain the cleanliness of the body, and block rainwater from entering the car.




So the waterproof sealing of the car hood must be good.




If encountering acid rain, the sealing is not good, and the acid rain easily passes through the car cover and drips onto the car, which can harm the car.




When selecting a car cover, be sure to choose one with excellent waterproof performance.

5、 Soft enough


The material of the car cover should be soft enough. If it is too hard, it may scratch the car. Softness can alleviate sharp scratches.




The car hood is not an ordinary cover, it can't be covered, it's as simple as blocking wind and rain.




The car hood also needs to have many protective functions.




So when choosing a car hood, these points should be taken into consideration.




Your beloved car can only be well protected by the car hood.

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